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What means Cleaning Service?

Cleaning Service is the activity of various cleaning works in the private and commercial sector to free premises and surfaces from dirt either once or recurrently by a cleaning company or an individual cleaner.

You have a full time job

Why hire a professional to clean your home or office? Cleaning your home or office takes up a lot of time, money, and energy. One reason to hire a professional cleaning service is to eliminate this quite stressful and often boring task from your everyday life. Here are several important reasons to do so in 2021.

Working full time is a sufficient reason to contract a professional in and of itself. More and more people are starting to work every day of the week without any time off. 

You just don’t have the strength to come home to a dirty house and roll up your sleeves after (yet another) rough day at work. Instead of having to clean, you can relax. You deserve a break.   

Leaves time for other tasks

Everyone has important tasks and responsibilities, which can add stress to people’s lives. By hiring a company to clean your home or office, you eliminate additional stress. Hiring a professional cleaner is the best and easiest way to check cleaning off your list of things to do. A reputable and reliable service provider will put your mind at ease and lighten your load.

If you’re always taking care of cleaning yourself, it probably takes up a lot of your energy and time, leaving you less resources for the things you like doing. If you have a big and/or very high-maintenance home (because of pets, children, lots of guests, etc.), cleaning it yourself is probably taking potentially unforgettable experiences and moments away from you. To get your life back, contact a cleaning service today.

Without having to worry about cleaning, you will have more time to spend with your family or friends or pursue new hobbies or favorite pastimes.

What’s more, time is money. You’re not only losing time and productivity if you’re intent on cleaning your home or office or getting your staff to clean, you’re losing money too. Your staff was hired for another reason, not to clean. Everyone has different skills and qualifications. It’s best to leave the cleaning to the pros. 

Improves health

You and your staff or family are less likely to get sick if your office or home is germ- and dust-free. Getting sick puts a strain on other employees, who will become less productive as a result. A clean office leads to healthy staff, and a clean house – to a healthy and happy family.

If you get your home, workspace, or retail space cleaned by a professional service, everybody who uses those premises will be more productive and satisfied. If you get your office cleaned by a specialized company, you and your staff won’t need to worry about taking out the trash or changing paper towels and toilet paper rolls. Then, everyone can focus on the tasks at hand.

No need to worry about cleaning supplies

The time and money spent to procure cleaning supplies can take their toll. Most people only have a few basic cleaning products at home and rudimentary cleaning equipment like a broom, vacuum cleaner, and a mop. These are things people need in emergencies, but if you hire a house cleaning service, you won’t have to worry about buying expensive cleaning supplies anymore. 

The service will bring everything its staff needs and the cleaning supply cost will be included in the overall price. The staff will also be prepared with the necessary equipment and machines. The supplies professional cleaning services use tend to be of better quality than those available to the public in supermarkets. They are perfect for cleaning and sanitizing any premise.

What’s more, cleaning services procure supplies at a discount because they buy in bulk. This means they would pay less than you for the same product, even if you were to find it on sale somewhere.

You can’t clean as well as the pros 

You might try hard, but you just can’t clean as well as a pro would. Professionals can remove bacteria and dirt you didn’t suspect existed thanks to their advanced knowledge and high quality cleaning products and equipment. You can be sure everything is sanitized once your house has been professionally cleaned. Cleaning services use many natural products that are safe. Companies like Mr. Cleaner can clean your house in a natural way that’s safe for you and your family. 

The last reason?

Some people just hate cleaning, plain and simple. They never begin to enjoy it and find it hard to make cleaning a habit.


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What is being cleaned?

Moving in or moving out are only two reasons for a thorough cleaning of the apartment. If, for example, the handover with the landlord is still pending, it is good if everything is really clean. Our professionals can help here.

Regardless of whether the entire apartment or just individual rooms have to be cleaned, our professionals know what to do and where. You will hardly recognize the apartment afterwards.

Homeowners know it – a big house comes with a lot of work. A thorough cleaning of the entire house is almost impossible in most cases. It’s good when there are professionals who bring all the right materials and cleaning agents with them.

After cleaning, odors have also disappeared.

Particularly when cleaning office space, discretion is important. For professionals of a cleaning service, however, this is part of everyday life.

Take advantage of the offer of your preferred cleaning times. So no employees and / or customers are disturbed and business operations are not affected.

Special hygienic regulations apply in a medical practice. Of course, these must always be observed and fulfilled by a professional cleaning company.

Here, too, cleaning should only be carried out when all patients and employees have left the premises. Only then can hygienic cleaning really take place everywhere.

Windows should be cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis. Coarse dirt must be removed and the rubber seals cleaned at least twice a year (in autumn and spring). Choosing the right cleaning agent is particularly important when it comes to rubber seals.

With proper cleaning, you can enjoy the windows longer and enjoy the unobstructed view of the outside.

A spilled drink, leftovers from food or staining trousers quickly lead to unsightly stains on upholstery. Depending on the upholstery cover, you may need to act quickly.

When cleaning upholstery, the professionals are familiar with the various materials and only use the appropriate and harmless cleaning agents. This removes the stain without damaging the cover.

Carpets should be cleaned regularly. They are exposed to great stress (mostly daily) and the fibers suffer.

When cleaning carpets, various cleaning steps are carried out that are adapted to the carpet in question. This not only removes the superficial dirt, but also deep cleans it.

The apartment is empty and the move is complete. The perfect time for a final but thorough cleaning.

If the apartment is professionally cleaned at the end, this increases the return of the rental deposit in full. Because a dirty apartment tends to give the impression of defects.

The craftsmen are gone, but there is now dust and dirt in every crack. That spoils the joy at the end of the construction site.

Now it is important that the dust is removed promptly and completely. The fine particles accompany an otherwise felt eternity and can still be found in all rooms even after days and weeks.

Pigeon droppings are not only unsightly, but can also cause significant damage if they are not removed. However, since there are also health risks lurking here, the removal should be left to professionals.

Depending on the amount of pigeon droppings to be removed, appropriate measures (e.g. protective clothing) must be taken before it can be removed.

Your tenant is out but the apartment is in a desolate condition and completely dirty and littered? Then protective clothing and professional cleaning agents are essential.

Professionals should definitely get to work here, as improper cleaning can be harmful to health.

Years of smoke and smoke leave traces. These cannot be eliminated easily.

Professional cleaning removes the unsightly nicotine damage and brings everything back into shape.

After water damage, many stains are still visible afterwards. The water marks must then be removed quickly if they are not to remain permanently visible.

Depending on the surface, different cleaning agents must be used here.

It often gets late in the catering industry. And there are special regulations regarding hygiene. To fulfill them we provide a highly qualified team to get the cleaning job in your gastro done on time. 

Our professionals not only follow the applicable regulations, but also adapt to the required working hours.


Usually we do not need any lead time and you can select and commission your cleaning service from one day to the next. At a few locations, however, a lead time of three to five working days can be expected.

When you send us your request for a quotation, you can specify up to two alternative dates in addition to your preferred date. This gives us more flexibility and gives you the security that we can carry out the order in any case.

Of course you do not have to be present with the cleaning company during the cleaning work! The only important thing is that you let the cleaning team in and give them a proper briefing. Define the work you want and show the team what to look out for in particular. Please note this in the checklist and have it signed before cleaning.

The team will then tell you how long the desired cleaning work will take. Please plan accordingly.

In any case, we recommend that the performance be approved after cleaning. Again, take the checklist at hand and write everything down. In this way you help to avoid subsequent complaints or complaints and ensure that the cleaning result fully meets your requirements.

All cleaning agents and materials are brought by our cleaning service! All cleaning teams are equipped with professional equipment.

If you want us to use your cleaning agents or if special cleaning materials are necessary, that’s no problem either. Simply include this information when booking.

The number of people depends on the scope of the planned cleaning and the size of the property. As a rule, a team consists of 2 people, but basically it does not matter how many people the cleaning company consists of for cleaning.

Here is an example: Let’s assume that your cleaning effort is 5 hours. If a person comes now and starts at 8 a.m., they will be ready at 1 p.m. If 2 people come and start at 8 a.m., they will be ready at 10:30 a.m. The total effort remains the same for both options at 5 hours. The only difference is that 2 people finish cleaning earlier.

The scope of your planned cleaning depends on the condition, the degree of soiling and the work required. The data given below are empirical values ​​and reflect an average value.

For example, we calculate for furnished properties with an effort of up to 40 minutes per 10 m² . So it depends entirely on how extensive your planned cleaning should be. If only the floors have to be mopped, the effort will be well under 40 minutes. If, on the other hand, cleaning after the craftsmen is planned, you can calculate with up to 40 minutes or more.

In the case of unfurnished properties , our empirical value is halved to up to 15-20 minutes per 10 m². Here, too, this empirical value is sometimes more and sometimes less, depending on the workload .

It is advisable that the surfaces to be cleaned are free. The advantage is that the end result is a better one. The critical points can be reached more easily and the cleaning company can work faster. If you need help with clearing the space, talk to us in advance.

Please provide us with this detail when requesting a quote so that we can schedule it accordingly. The disadvantage is that we of course also calculate this time. If you want to save costs, it makes sense to take over this work yourself in advance.